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Our Philosophy
It can be very difficult to keep track of the foods we eat and how they affect our bodies. Nutritionists have shown that what we eat directly affects our health, our weight, and our sense of well-being. The goal of this site is to make the process of tracking nutrition much quicker and simpler in order to help us achieve our body goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Daily Meal Tracker
Learn your optimal caloric intake needs for weight loss, weight gain, & weight maintenance. Our powerful search engine will help you find the foods you've eaten and we'll gather all the nutritional data and calculate your totals.
Body Tracker
Track your daily weight and find out how your meals and fitness activities affect your body from day to day with the help of easy-to-use graphs and charts.
Fitness Tracker
Track your daily fitness activities and we'll calculate how many calories you've burned. See your weight graphed along with the calories you've eaten & expended to help you achieve your body goals as efficiently as possible.
Glucose Tracker
For diabetics, log your daily blood glucose levels and learn how your meals affect your levels and which foods work best to control your diabetes.